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Old Town Animal Care Center


As a full-service animal hospital in Old Town, we are pleased to be able to offer the talents of a professional groomer for both dogs and cats.

Our pets can groom themselves quite well on their own, but they can only do so much without our help. As a full-service animal hospital in Old Town, we are pleased to be able to offer the talents of a professional groomer for both dogs and cats. Cat and dog grooming in Old Town is not just about aesthetics—it’s about keeping your pet clean and healthy, and preventing the accumulation of dirt, oils, and even parasites in their fur. If you want your pet to look, smell, and feel fantastic, bring them in to see us for a bath and brush-out so we can pamper them to our heart’s content. Call us at (312) 428-2571 to schedule an appointment today.

Cat and Dog Grooming Services We Offer in Old Town

There is very little our groomer cannot do to have your pet looking and feeling their best. Our cat and dog grooming services include:

  • Baths

  • Fur trims and cuts

  • Nail trims

  • Dematting

  • Specialty cuts

  • Ear cleaning

  • Medicated shampoos

  • Anal gland expression

  • Bandanas, bows, and nail polish (by request)

We also offer cat and dog grooming packages to provide your pet with an exceptional grooming experience, at a special reduced cost.

Preventive Benefits of Cat and Dog grooming

While your pet is being bathed, blow-dried and trimmed, our groomer has the opportunity to check their coat, skin, ears, nails and anal glands for potential problems. Things you may not have noticed at home could become apparent during your pet’s grooming visit, and we can help you treat them before they get worse.

Cat and Dog Grooming Requirements For Old Town Pet Owners

All grooming guests must be up to date on their routine vaccinations before visiting our grooming salon. These include:


  • Rabies

  • Distemper

  • Canine influenza

  • Bordetella


  • Rabies

  • Distemper (FVRCP)

  • Feline Bordetella

Both cats and dogs must also have tested negative for intestinal parasites within the last 12 months. If your pet is not a regular patient at our hospital, we will need to see a copy of their rabies certificate and either an invoice or medical records showing when they received their last vaccinations. Call us today at (312) 428-2571.